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Can a cataract cause headache?

Q: My mother has been diagnosed with cataract in the centre of the lens. It is in the starting stage and she has been advised to go for a Phacosurgery. She is also suffering from acute headache for the last three months. Doctors say that it could be due to the cataract, since all her other medical records are clean. Her pressure and sugar levels are normal. X-Ray and EEG show no fault. Could cataract in the middle of the lens cause headache or could this be anything else?

A:Cataract never causes headaches. Who so ever is blaming the cataract for headache is completely ignorant or a quack, If she is getting headaches in the morning or all the time, it could be due to Cervical spondylosis. If she is getting headaches after using her eyes, the eye strain (due to use of only one eye specially if she does not have up to date glasses) may be giving her headaches. A neurologist needs to be consulted if the headache is acute. Cataract would be affecting her vision and therefore, surgery for it is desirable at an early stage.


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