Breast pain

Q: My wife has breast pain since from November, 2001 at the end of Nov 2001 she consult with family doctor and after checking family doctor says that is because of scaricity of harmones and prescribe her tablets name is Danugen 50 mg. for 20 days my wife get temporary relaxed from pain. After 15 days of stopped to taking above tablets her pain starts again, so family doctor advise her to mammography & sonography test but the reports of the said tests done are normal that means no abnormality found in the report so family doctor tell us there is no fear of breast cancer. Then she prescribed Tab.Nimegesic for 10 days 2 time a day then my wifes breast has been recovered her pain are come down slowley and stopped. But after 5 days of menopause her slight breast pain starts then family doctor prescribed Tab. Nimegesic also and Capsule Evion for 1 months now pain in the breast has come down but slight pain is there. Is there any serious problem. Please advise treatment and diagnose if possible.with regards,

A:You do not mention the age of your wife but I presume that she is a younglady. Pain in the breast is a common condition which is usually notassociated with cancer. It settles with time without any treatment or mildpain killers if necessary. Nevertheless, you should see a specialistsurgeon.


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