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Are these tablets safe for the fetus?

Q: I am 24 years old and this is my first pregnancy. During the 15th week of my pregnancy, I had cold. I avoided taking any tablets but then I got fever and immediately went to the doctor, where they did urine and blood test. They found that there were pus cells in my urine. So the doctor said I have UTI and advised me to take these for 1 week: Nodimox 1-0-1, Actigut 1-1-1, Respira 1-0-1 and a syrup called K-CIT for 2 weeks. I am worried whether these tablets are safe for my baby? Though the doctor said these tablets are harmless, still I am concerned. Can you please tell since I had got fever, will that cause any problem to my baby?

A:Cold is always due to certain viruses. There is no medicine on earth that can kill cold viruses; hence taking antibiotics such as Nodimox (a combination of two antibiotics and lactobacillus) is of no use. Assuming that you were to take Nodimox, there is no justification to give you Actigut, which again contains lactobacillus. Thus you will be taking lactobacillus 5 times (twice in Nodimox and thrice in Actigut). Respira is a multi-ingredient combination product that contains: ambroxol, salbutamol and guaifenesin. Such a combination is not permitted in any advanced, western country. Salbutamol is approved for use in asthma. Using it for simple cold is not warranted. Besides it crosses the placental barrier (a God given protection so that external harmful agents in the mothers blood do not reach the baby) and hence will reach the baby. If you are suffering from simple cold and cough, no need to take any medicine. In medical college every student is taught: if you do not treat cold, it will get cured in 7 days on its own; if you treat it will take one week. If fever is troublesome you can take Crocin 500 mg (paracetamol) 2-3 times a day. You can also do steam inhalation if your nose is blocked or if you have cough.


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