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Are these floaters that I'm seeing in front of my eyes?

Q: There is a problem in my left eye since the past 2 weeks. I see a black spot in front in my eye which keeps moving all the time. I searched on the net regarding my problem. Are these floaters? I have been using the computer for a long time but I don't have any other problem. Can you please tell me if these are floaters or something else? If yes, than what is the treatment?

A:Your symptom is called vitreous floaters which is generally completely harmless and will never go away but it will only be noticed by you if and when you look against a bright light or background. This is caused by debris or breaking fibres in gelly (Vitreous) of you eye.)This is very common in short sighted people. Some times specially if they are multiple, they may be associated with tears in retina which not only causes small haemorrhage inside the eye but can also cause retinal detachment which in turn will affect your vision or field of vision. You may also notice like photographic flashes spontaneously due to pulling on the retina. If your symptoms are older than 2 months there is nothing to worry about, however if you are concerned, ask your eye specialist to check your retina thoroughly after dilating your pupils.


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