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Are these drugs safe for early abortion?

Q: I delivered a child 6 months back. Though my husband and I were using protection, but I discovered that I am pregnant again. Since our first child is so young, my husband and I have decided to abort this pregnancy. We have been advised to take Mifegest 200, 2 tablets and Cytolog 200 2 tablets after 48 hours, as I am only 5 weeks pregnant. Are there any side affects of these medicines? Are other safer drugs available in the market?

A:Pregnancy upto 49 days gestation can be terminated with Mifegest. Three (3) tablets to be taken together (in one dose) followed by 2 tablets of Cytolog after 48 hours under medical supervision. Side effects may or may not occur but usually are vaginal bleeding for up to 12 days, stomach cramping, nausea, vomiting.


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