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Are these drugs OK for shoulder pain?

Q: The doctor prescribed the following to my mother on the complaint of shoulder pain. She is 76 years old. She vomited after the first dosage and was feeling dizzy and had headache. She was prescribed Myoril (thiocolchicoside capsules 4 mg) one per day Ace – Proxyvon (aceclofenac , paracitamol + robeprazole sodium) one per day and Calonat D one per day. Are there any known side effects of the same? Is there any supplement for the problem? The shoulder pain has been there for 15 days has extended up to the right hand up to the wrist, along with tingling sensation in the nerves.

A:Myoril is a centrally acting muscle relaxant. This is a drug that is usually given if the patient has muscle spasm. Often pain due to any cause may be made worse by muscle spasm. Therefore, this is given in combination with other painkillers. The usual side effect is it causes sedation and in very vulnerable patients may cause unsteadiness of gait. An allergic reaction can occur with any drug and this could happen with this drug also. This also may cause diarrhoea. Ace Proxyvon: This is a combination of three drugs; aceclofenac which predominantly causes gastrointestinal side effects like – dyspepsia, abdominal pain, flatulence and paracetamol which is a reasonably safe medicine with an occasional patient having nausea the main contra indication being in a patient who has liver failure. robiprazole sodium; drug can cause constipation (some times diarrhoea also) headache, nausea, rhinitis (running nose) flu like syndrome and sometimes insomnia also. Calonet D; this drug is a calcium preparation with Vitamin D. Ordinarily this should not cause any problem.


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