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Are these drugs available in India?

Q: My 8 year old son who is in the US is currently taking albuterol, nasonex, flonase and pulmicort for the treatment of asthma. I was wondering if these medicines or their generic equivalent are available in India. Please advise.

A:Albuterol (also called salbutamol) is a generic name while Nosonex, Flonase and Pulmicort are brand names. They are all available in India at a fraction of the US prices. The equivalents are: Albuterol (salbutamol) sold under the brand name of Asthalin (by Cipla): available as tablets and inhalers. Nasonex contains mometazone. Sold in India under the trade name of Metaspray (by Cipla). Flonase contains fluticasone propionate. Sold in India under the trade name of Flohale inhaler (by Cipla). Pulmicort (budesonide) is sold under the same trade name in India i.e. Pulmicort (by AstraZeneca).


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