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Are there drugs to increase sexual urge in women?

Q: There are some liquid drugs available in the market, which claim that they can increase the urge to have sex instantly in women. How safe are these liquid drugs?

A:There is no medicine on the face of the earth to increase sexual urge either in men or women. Some unscrupulous people are making and selling useless, often harmful, products with unsubstantiated claims merely to make money. It will be in your own interest to avoid such medicines. Indeed there are medicines, such as sildenafil, tadalafil etc. to deal with male erectile dysfunction (due to diabetes, spinal cord injury etc.) but these agents do not have any effect on the desire part of sex, which is a psychological rather than organic issue. The problem with lack or inadequate sexual urge in women is more an inter-personal issue. If the male sexual partner is desirable, the ambience is good, there is adequate and appropriate foreplay to arouse the female partner, no artificial aids are required in normal cases.


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