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Are there any problems with premature birth?

Q: My wife delivered just after completing 34 weeks of pregnancy. Baby was kept in incubator for one night and after that doctor said there is no problem. Baby's weight is 2.9 kgs at birth. Immediately after birth he cried and he is able to breathe on his own. The doctor said every thing is OK. But inherently I have doubt because it is premature birth. I want to know the effects and problems that he (baby) may face? If so, how to find the same.

A:If the babys weight was 2.9 kg (a good weight for a baby at 34 weeks) and the baby's doctor is happy about his/her progress, you do not have to worry at all if the activity at birth and since birth, feeding, breathing, crying, etc (APGAR score) are OK. Please do not worry about long term complications in all probability the baby should be OK! Just see to it till the baby is more than three months or so, the babys biological age, once the baby is growing please be careful that when you see milestones like walking, smiling, feeds, top feeds just remember to add about 2 months to each milestone. Remember the biological age is about two months less than other babies with the same birthday! The rest should be alright. Do not be too paranoid and please relax. Enjoy your parenthood!


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