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Are the drugs Diane and Ginette any different?

Q: I am 29 years old and having irregular period since two years. I get my periods 10 or 15 days delayed. I went to a gynaecologist and she asked me to do some blood test that showed I had hormonal imbalance. The ratio between oestrogen and progesterone was quite high compared to the normal ratio. The doctor prescribed some hormone balance tablets such as Diane 35. I had the medicine for 3 months and then continued with Ginette 35 for another 3 months. During this I had regular periods almost at around the right time. I stopped the medicine last month and I am supposed to get my period soon. I have not got it yet. I only get the feeling but no period. Should I get back to the doctor? I am very much worried to take hormone tablets, it might be dangerous playing with our hormones and I am not married but will be getting married soon? Please advise.

A:Diane 35 and Ginette 35 are brand names. Both of them contain exactly the same medicines: cyproterone and ethenyl estradiol. Hence there is no difference between Diane 35 and Ginette 35 except that they are manufactured by two different companies. These medicines are approved for use in (a) severe acne that do not respond to other medicines and (b) severe hirsutism (hair on face etc of women). Incidentally they also act as oral contraceptives till they are taken.


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