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Are rings a good treatment option for uterine prolapse?

Q: My 75-year-old mother had a prolapse of the womb and she has been fitted with a ring. Is it fine in the long term or would it be advisable to have the repair done?

A:Rings and pessaries are a simple though temporary solution. Just check that the size is ok and she is comfortable. If there is a problem like infection, she should be attended to urgently, otherwise she can use it as long as she finds it comfortable. Age itself is not a reason not to go for a permanent cure like repair and it also depends on how bad her symptoms are and whether these symptoms include other problems like bladder and bowel problems. If she is in good general health and there are no long term problems like heart and lung diseases she should probably be going in for a more definitive surgery. Basically she should decide it herself. The corrective surgery can be quite safe and simple in good hands.


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