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Are my twins growing fine?

Q: My wife is 8 weeks pregnant. She is carrying twins. But the twins are in different sacs. One baby is growing properly (it is 1.7 cm) but the other one is 7-8 mm. Can this pose a problem?

A:From what you have written it is a bit difficult to comment on but if your ultrasound report is correct then one twin is not growing too well. As happens commonly one twin just stops growing. (also called a vanishing twin sometimes as it may not be seen in the next ultrasound). It normally does not cause any problem. Please tell us whether the two are showing fetal heart movements or not? Either way things would be clear only on the scan at 11 weeks. Meanwhile nothing can and should be done. There is no need for any treatment or bedrest etc. Just wait for three weeks and repeat the ultrasound. If it is OK then the baby will remain OK and vice versa.


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