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Are my microalbuminuria and HbA1c values fine?

Q: Recently I got tested for Microalbuminuria and HbA1c and the results are 37.8 md/24hrs and 7.4% respectively. Kindly advise me whether these are within normal values as per Indian conditions. My age is 65 and I am diabetic for the past 5 yrs. A week before these tests, my fasting and PP glucose readings were 85 and 145 mg/dl respectively. Since different interpretations are given on these values, I want to get an authentic opinion by your diabetic expert for my personal understanding.

A:Diabetics can be monitored by a variety of tests that are influenced by factors such as whether blood was taken while fasting and by compounding factors such as coincidental infections. It is important to correlate findings with the standards of normal that are used by the specific laboratory that did the tests; that laboratory can provide their figures. In all cases of diabetes the most important concerns are to maintain diet, avoid foot infections, and to adopt a healthy water intake habit. The regulation of medications must be carried out by a personal physician during regular checkups that correlate the patients history, physical findings and standardized laboratory testing.


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