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Are my eyes burning due to anxiety?

Q: I am a 29 years old lady suffering from burning eyes. The doctors said it was meibomian gland dysfunction. I have noticed that when I am anxious, my mouth becomes dry and stays the same for a few days and after that my eyes feel perfectly normal. However, the eye burning and strain returns once the dry mouth abates. Is this due to sustained mild depression? Can mild depression cause neuro transmitter imbalance or affect hormones, which in turn can cause dry eyes? I have no other symptoms of depression. I work regularly on the computer. I do warm compresses and use tear drops every few hours. I have got autoimmune tests done to check for Sjogren's disease, which was found to be negative. My TSH and blood/urine sugar levels and blood pressure are normal. My blood tests showed a slightly lower than normal lymphocyte and basophil count. ESR was normal. The dry eyes have persisted for 7-8 months now. What is the root cause of my problem? Is there any natural way to make sure my eyelids don't get inflamed? I have nasal dust allergy too.

A:There are so many medications, depression and treatments for depression, contraceptive pills, etc.which will give you dry eyes and dry mouth symptoms. I would advise you to use baby shampoo to clean your eyelashes and eyelid margins and wash your eyes frequently. Use any artificial teardrops to lubricate the eyes and also keep the computer away from your eyes. If you take anti histaminics for your allergy, this also may make your dry eyes and mouth worse. Hot dry atmosphere in which you could be working may be responsible as well. In any case, apart from the discomfort, this condition will not affect your eyes or your vision.


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