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Are my dry eyes due to hypothyroidism?

Q: I am a 23 years old man having hypothyroidism and dry eyes for the last 8 years. But the doctor has said that my eye problem has no linkage with thyroid. My eyes burn and become dry while watching TV or working on computer. I have taken medicines like soft-o-tears, Omeflox DX, FML, Lubistar OMC, Optithis, Optiviral, Lacryl and Carofit-D. I cannot go outside in sunlight because it makes my eyes burn and red. It causes headache too. I even feel problem while studying. It has affected my eyesight too; power of my left eye is -0.75 and right eye is 0.5. Please advise.

A:You could be having a condition called blepharitis. There are different kinds of this disease. The best solution is to clean the roots of eyelashes and the border of eyelid with Baby shampoo massaging every day, two to 3 times. Deworm yourselves after consulting your family doctor. Treat dandruff if you have in scalp. Take good food. Take some vitamins. It might take a long time for it to clear though.


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