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Are hormones necessary during an IVF pregnancy?

Q: I am now in the 5th month of pregnancy (IVF). I have been prescribed Nidagest (allylestrenol) 5mg three tablets/day. Two doctors are giving me different opinions. The doctor who did the IVF advises to continue & the other doctor (who will deliver the baby) told me to stop it immediately. Both doctors have confirmed that every thing is fine with me & that it is as good as a normal pregnancy now. What do I do? Also, I am faced with the same problem regarding Proluton injection (presently once in a week) different advice. Please help.

A:IVF pregnancies by and large behave like any other pregnancies and barring a few exceptions are not essentially high risk pregnancies, the hormones in question (i.e. nidagest and proluton) are neither proven to be useful and are certainly not essential in a case like yours. The safety however is not proven. This means you are taking two hormones which have no proven benefit and are potentially harmful (as are most drugs during pregnancy). I suggest you stop them both and let your pregnancy continue naturally. If there was any assistance you needed it was for you to conceive. That part is over. Now you should let nature take over and not interfere too much with the pregnancy. Since you conceived with IVF it is obvious that you are very anxious and a bit scared about the pregnancy. This is understandable but taking more drugs especially hormones is not going to ensure a perfect outcome. These drugs are not only useless they are potentially harmful. These were prescribed with an unproven belief that shortage of these hormones cause abortions. This however has not been proven to be true. Your treating physician is rightfully anxious about you taking all these hormones as they may cause harm. please let him / her look after your pregnancy in the medically correct manner. Please have faith in nature and let the pregnancy continue. We wish you all the best.


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