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Are glucometers reliable for checking blood sugar levels?

Q: I am a 29 years old diabetic man for the last year and have blood sugar levels in control as I do monthly blood check ups in the lab. Now I would like to buy a glucometer. How reliable are the gluocometers? Do they show the correct blood sugar level? How are they to be used and how often do I need to check my blood sugar levels?

A:Glucometers are only means of keeping blood sugar under control and thus prevent complications. Two good glucometers are Johnson and Johnsons’ one touch ultra and Roche’s Accucheck.

Buy direct from company outlet rather than from chemist etc. Company man will teach you how to use it, tell its delicate points etc and moreover give lifetime warranty and attend to any defect, etc.

The frequency of checking blood sugar is to be decided by your treating doctor.


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