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Are food supplements helpful in delaying ejaculation?

Q: I am a 34-year-old married man. I am suffering from pre-mature ejaculation for the last many years. My search for any suitable medicine is still continuing, but recently, I discovered a medicine called Vigorex Forte from the Internet. It is used especially for delaying ejaculation & to retain strength during intercourse. Will it have any side effects or real effects for my prolonged premature ejaculation?

A:The term premature ejaculation was discarded more than a decade ago since it gives a wrong impression. The problem is mistiming between two sexual partners. Scientifically, it is called "early orgasmic response". Too early penetration without adequately arousing the female sexual partner is at the root of the problem. There is no known orally administered, scientifically proven remedy to delay ejaculation. Physical methods such as squeeze, start-stop-start, pelvic exercises described by Masters are some of the procedures that have been found useful. Similarly, some males find desensitising condoms helpful. Since remedies sold as food supplements do not need to undergo scientific scrutiny and regulatory monitoring for safety and efficacy, many manufacturers are using this route to sell unproved medicines to make money. Vigorex is labelled as food supplement. Its unverified claim of releasing testosterone (male hormone), if at all true, should scientifically result in early rather than late ejaculation.


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