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Are drugs the only treatment for diabetes?

Q: I am taking Metformin Hydrochloride Release tablets (Glyciphage SR) and Glimulin 1 for diabetic category 2. Kindly let me know, is it safe if I am taking for a long period. I am 52 years male. Is there any other remedy, like exercise for diabetes?

A:Control of diabetes is most important since the disease can damage organs such as eyes, kidneys, heart and feet beyond repair. The first step is appropriate diet AND exercise (about 4.5 km of brisk walk at least 6 times every week to be covered within 45 minutes). If sugar levels in blood are still above normal, one has to take medicines. Since you are taking two drugs, I presume that diet + exercise did not produce adequate results in your case. It is also imperative that blood pressure remains tightly controlled. High BP + diabetes are a grave risk to life. Even when you are on medicines, you must continue to have control over diet and do exercise. These measures reduce the amount of drugs that one has to consume. Due to the proliferation of pharmaceuticals producers (estimated to be over 20,000) and brands (estimated to be over 40,000) it is very important that brands of reputed manufacturers are selected. Brands that appear on International Drug Data, UK are Euglim (glimepiride) of Zydus Cadila and Glyciphage (metformin) of Franco-Indian.


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