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Are cysts found in a child's brain during pregnancy harmful?

Q: I am 19 weeks pregnant. I did an ultrasound at 18.4 weeks where small cysts were found on my baby's brain. The doctor asked me to wait till 24-28 weeks and said that it was only natural and the cysts would disappear by 24-28 weeks. So the doctor is asking me to go for another ultrasound after one month. Otherwise everything is normal. I am worried because of this and I think my doctor is taking this very lightly. Do I need to worry?

A:You need to clarify what kind of cyst has been detected. The commonest are choroid plexus cysts that are, by and large, harmless and will resolve. The ultrasonologist must also ensure that there are no other associated anomalies in the baby. If there are no associated problems, there is no cause for alarm and you will need serial ultrasounds to monitor the size of the cysts. When in doubt take a second opinion with a ultrasonologists who specializes in this kind of ultrasounds.


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