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Are contact lenses for compound astigmatism available?

Q: I am a 23 years old girl having +2.00 spherical power in both the eyes while cylindrical power is -4.50 in the right eye and -3.50 in the left eye with 180 axis in both. My vision is 6/9 in both the eyes. I came to know that there are no lenses that are fit for such a power. However, I have used gas permeable lenses for around 6 years but with discomfort. Is it true that even toric lenses will not help?

A:It is true. This is called compound astigmatism. However, toric contact lenses can be custom made. The other option is to correct the minus cylinders only with toric soft disposable contact lenses and wear + power in glasses when ever needed. One very good option is to get thin flap Lasik done, in case your eyes are healthy.


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