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Am I suffering from sinusitis?

Q: I am 55 years old male suffering from chronic cold for the past one year. Symptoms include body ache. Initially, mucus used to come while coughing. Now, the quantity of mucus has reduced. I got an ESR done and the value was 50. What does this mean? What tests should I do as follow-up to find out what the problem is? I also had an x-ray of the head done, and the doctor said it could be a possible case of sinusitis. However, I do not have a blocked nose and the nasal passage is clear. I have consulted many doctors but no relief so far. Please help. I take medicines for high blood pressure and high blood sugar. My sugar is on the higher side but I am not diabetic.

A:You said you suffer from chronic cold but do not have nasal blockage. Nasal and sinus problems can cause nasal discharge which when chronic may not come from front but may trickle backwards leading to post nasal drip, throat irritation and cough. If the discharge is very thick and scanty you may not be able to take it out thus leading to dry cough. Diabetes can delay the recovery. Raised ESR and body ache may be there in any non specific inflammation anywhere in the body. You need to get investigated for sinusitis which may include CT scan of paranasal sinuses. Control of blood sugar is very important for managing infection anywhere.


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