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Am I suffering from diabetes?

Q: I am a 55 years old male. I have a history of type 2 diabetes running in my family. My weight is under control and I exercise regularly. Four years ago my blood sugar was 6.5 mg/dl and now I have brought it down to 6.2 mg/dl. Indian doctors do not consider me diabetic but a French doctor says I have type 2 diabetes. Can you tell me which out of this is correct? What precautions should I take, other than avoiding sugar? Is it possible to correct my sugar level through diet and exercise?

A:By definition, a person is labelled diabetic when the fasting blood glucose level is greater than 126 mg/dl, or 7mmol. Between 100-125 mg/dl, one is in the prediabetes zone, also called impaired fasting glucose. These are the standard worldwide definitions. You should check 2 hours post 75 gm glucose measurement and also an Hba1c and then decide your next step. The Hba1c should be as close to 6 as possible, and certainly not over 6.5. It does not seem to be major issue. However you must pay attention to your lifestyle, and in addition to blood glucose, please also ensure ideal blood pressure, which is usually 120/80 and maximum 130/85. You also need to check your lipid profile, especially LDL cholesterol which should be less than 100 mg/dl. You must try to achieve these goals to minimise your risk of any future complications. Regular exercise will also help you to improve your blood sugar levels. Please take medication, if required.


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