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Am I suffering from any disease?

Q: I am a 32 years old female weighing 51 kg. Kindly interpret these ultrasound impressions - hypo echoic area is noted near the gallbladder fossa with another hypo echoic nodule in the left lobe about 1.30 x 0.97 cm, endometrium is thickened by 1.08 cm and fatty infiltration of the liver with fat spare with suggestive nodule or part of the fatty change. I am also taking Euthyrox 25 mcg. Am I alright?

A:Your question is very difficult to answer as there is not enough information. A thickened epithelium is probably referring to the gallbladder wall - suggesting some inflammation. Fatty change in the liver can be due to many things e.g. being fat, having diabetes, due to drugs, etc. The hypoechoic nodule in the liver needs more explanation as it is more than 1 cm. It may be related to the fatty change - then it would not be a problem. However, I think you should have the ultrasound repeated by another person as ultrasounds can be dependent on the operator. I am not sure why you are on a small dose of thyroxine - again please check with your doctor.


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