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Am I pregnant?

Q: Doctor. I have some doubt about my pregnancy. I have a 9-month old child and I am still feeding him. Since there was a few days delay in my normal periods, I checked whether I was pregnant through the urine test. It is positive; but at the same time I dont feel nausea or any vomiting sensation. So I was wondering whether the detection of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the urine is due to the fact that I am breast feeding? Another question is: if I am pregnant, will it affect my breast-feeding? I had a caesearian operation (horizontal slit) because of some complication in the last minutes (umblical cord around the neck of the child). Can I expect a normal delivery or will be there some complication because the time gap between the two pregnancies is very less? Could you please suggest if I have to take any precautions? I am working and have to travel 18 kms by bus every day (one-way).

A:1. Breast feeding should not cause a positive HCG in urine. A positive test for pregnancy is more likely to be due to pregnancy. 2. If you are pregnant preferably you should stop breast feeding as the chances of abortion are higher. 3. It is diffcult to predict if you can have normal delivery, it depends on many other factors. But surely possibility of normal delivery is always there. 4. Precautions would be same as for any pregnancy, avoid heavy exertion and bumpy ride.


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