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Am I on the right drugs for irregular periods?

Q: I got married a year ago and conceived in the third month of my marriage. Unluckily I suffered a miscarriage and we did not plan for the next few months. My periods were extremely regular (28 days) but during these few months my weight increased by 10 kilos and my periods became irregular. I consulted a gynaecologist & on doing an ultrasound he said that I had three follicles and gave me Diane-35 for 21 days along with Diamet tablets (metformin hydrochloride 500 mg) daily. My periods were very much delayed after the medications so on the next visit he gave me Letroz tablets & advised me to stop Diane-35 and take Letroz from the second day of my periods and continue Diamet daily. Please tell me why he gave me Diane 35? I came to know that it is a contraceptive pill & Diamet is prescribed for diabetics while Letroz is used in cancer treatment. Is he giving me the correct treatment?

A:Diane - 35 is for correction of your periods and bring down some of your hormones which may be high in cases with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Only after the hormones come down, a drug to induce ovulation can be given as was given to you. Letrozol can also be used safely to induce ovulation and it is in addition to being a anti-cancer drug for the breast. Diamet along with exercise and dieting is the best medicine available to help you reduce weight and bring your menses back to normal.


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