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Am I following a healthy workout regime?

Q: I am a 48 years old male, 170 cm tall and weigh 91 kg. I work out six times a week for an hour each. Am I running into extremes? I usually go on the cross-trainer or treadmill for about 20 minutes and weight lifting for a good 30 minutes or more. Then I take my regular steam bath. Am I following a healthy workout regime?

A:Depending on your goal, there are three to four aspects of fitness you need to look at and incorporate in different intensities, types, timing or each and frequencies during the week. Presuming that keeping fit is your goal you seem to be doing alright, having got the amount of time and frequency ok. Any cardio vascular activity should be in the region of 20-60 minutes, 2-6 times a week. Strength/resistance training should be done 2-4 times a week, but should have at least one day in between for rest. Make sure that you add some flexibility work as well to complete the fitness triangle.


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