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Am I eligible for lasik surgery?

Q: I am a 26 years old man and my orbscan report states: left eye (OS) - corneal thickness 608, 540, 558, 568 (clockwise 4 markings) and at centre 497 and right eye (OD) - 624, 592, 550, 560 and at centre 511. Am I eligible for lasik surgery? If yes, which type of lasik would be better? The doctor suggested me to go for I-lasik since left eye corneal thickness is minimum - 497. What is the minimum corneal thickness required for lasik surgery? Or, for each type of lasik surgery any corneal thickness is fixed or not? I have myopia too with power -3.5 RE and -4.0 LE and does not have any medical illness. Please advise.

A:The worst thing you could do for your cornea is ILasik. This takes a flap of thickness about 70 to 80 microns, which after repositioning will not add to the architectural strength of your cornea, which are on thinner side, in both eyes. The Ilasik flap is not as good as microkeratome flap. However, for the parameters given by you, the best would be to get a wavefront optimised or Topolyser guided treatment on the corneal surface (modern surface ablation), which retain the maximum possible corneal thickness, even after complete correction of your myopia. The choice between the two will be decided by your Pentacam analysis.


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