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Am I diabetic?

Q: I am a 39 years old man having a family history of diabetes for the last 8-9 years. Few days back while coming back from morning walk I took a cold drink 300 ml along with some roasted peanuts and 2 biscuits. When I reached home after half-an-hour I checked my blood glucose level and found it 158 mg/dl and after that I took a cup of tea (sweet) with 2 bakery-made biscuits and again checked my glucose level by another instrument and it was 173 mg/dl. Am I diabetic? But otherwise I have no excessive hunger, no thirst, no frequent urination and I never go for urination during night. I have no pain in legs too. Please advise.

A:You should get fasting glucose and 2-hours glucose after drinking 75 gm glucose test (glucose tolerance test). Fasting means if dinner at 10 PM than you can get 8 AM fasting. This is the best way of diagnosing diabetes.

Fasting sugar level less than 100 mg/dl means no diabetes, 100 mg/dl to 125 mg/dl means pre-diabetes and more than 125 mg/dl indicates diabetes.

Fasting sugar level (two hours after taking 75 gm glucose) less than 140 mg/dl means no diabetes, 140-199 mg/dl means pre-diabetes and more than 200mg/dl indicates diabetes.

Please note that all biscuits have very high quantity of refined carbohydrates (high glycaemic index) meals and they can push your sugar up.


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