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Alcohol benificial

Q: Is taking of limited alcohol benificial to the heart. If yes then how? To prevent any type of heart problem what should we do in normal life? Taking Aspirin regularly for a healthy person or those who are not suffering from any heart problem is safe or not?

A:There is some data to suggest that alcohol drinking reduces chances of a heart attack but then alcohol has various bad effects also like inreasing blood pressure, it also depresses the heart muscle esp in patients with heart disease. Alcohol also is not good for liver. In totality alcohol in moderation is ok but cannot be recommended as a heart tonic. Aspirin is beneficial in subjects with more than 2 or 3 risk factors like(diabetics, people with high BP, people with high cholesterol etc.In general regular exercise, not smoking, eating heart healthy diet and having a periodic check up is recommended to keep heart disease away.


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