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Abnormal vaginal bleeding - Metrorrhagea

Q: What is Metrorrhagea? What are its symptoms and possible remedies? Is it possible that a woman who has undergone family planning operation becomes pregnant again? If so, how safe is it?

A:Metrorrhagia is any irregular bleeding from the uterus between the periods. Common causes are :stress injury or disease of the vaginal opening (caused by intercourse, infection, polyp, genital warts, ulcer, or varicose veins) vaginal injury from insertion of foreign objects, from malignancy, or from infection dry vaginal walls resulting from lack of estrogen after menopause abortion (spontaneous or induced) fluctuation in hormone levels stopping and starting birth control pills or estrogens low thyroid function IUD use can cause occasional spotting (if bleeding is slight, it can be ignored) drugs such as anticoagulants Bed rest is recommended if bleeding is heavy. The number of pads or tampons used should be recorded (so that the amount of bleeding can be determined). Change tampons regularly, at least twice a day. The most common procedure is the tying up of the tubes i.e., the Fallopian tubes in women (tubectomy) is 99.9% successful and there is no possibility for her to become pregnant again. In 0.1% cases of rechannelization does occur however the possibility is remote. Vasectomy i.e the tying up of the vas deferens in men is a much more safer procedure, as local anaesthesia is used in this procedure which is considered to be much more safer rather than this procedure where there is very small risk due to anaesthesia.


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