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abdominal pain in pregnancy

Q: Doctor tested Urine Pregnancy test which gave positive and said there is preganancy. But there is continous abdominal pain which the doctor here says somewhat will be there. But I feel a lot of pain. My weight is 36kgs and I am about 5 feet height. Please advise. It is not there in morning hours generally, but a lot of it in night. I do not understand what it relates to? Could you please guide me and help me out?
How we can detect the miscarriage in 7th, 8th, 9th week of preganancy? What are its symptoms?

A:Pain in the abdomen is a common symptom in early pregnancy. It is due to the growing baby and the changes of hormones within the body during pregnancy. But you must visit your gynaecologist to rule out any other reason for the pain which might harm continuation of the pregnancy. You are underweight for the height mentioned. You must improve your dietary intake and hence the weight. Symptom of miscarriage are pain abdomen, bleeding from vagina and passing of tissue pieces.


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