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Will we be able to save our baby's kidney?

Q: My wife is 35 weeks pregnant and has been diagnosed to have two-vessel cord and the baby has a hydronephrotic right kidney with dilated ureter with an obstructive process at UVJ. The left kidney is slightly hypertrophied. Amniotic fluid is 14.7 cm normal and baby weight is 2.27 kg. Please advise. Will we be able to save the kidney? What course of action should we take?

A:A problem has been identified in the left kidney of the baby, but there is as yet no cause for concern. I think both of you should relax and help your wife carry till term. There is no need to bring the baby out earlier. Once the baby is born, in the ensuing 2-3 days certain tests will be required to firstly, confirm this finding and then to determine the cause. The diagnosis of UVJ obstruction is at present only presumptuous. Also, we have no idea about the functional status of this kidney; so where is the issue about saving it? All these questions will be best answered after the appropriate tests have been done on the baby and the results made available. But one thing is certain; this is eminently correctable. So, don't worry.


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