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Will smoking harm my kidney?

Q: I am a 19 years old man with hydro-ureteronephrosis in my right kidney and there is a calculus of 7 mm in the right kidney and a calculus of 4.3 mm in the left kidney. Will smoking adversely affect my kidney? What kind of a diet should I have?

A:Smoking is a very important etiologic factor in development of bladder and kidney cancers known as transitional cell carcinoma. I am sure you are aware of its other effects on lungs and vessels including those of the heart. You have stones in your both kidneys with presence of swelling. In a swollen kidney due to birth defects, the stones may develop secondarily. Swelling of the kidney may also occur if you have a stone blocking the outflow passage of this kidney. You need to undergo imaging studies after consulting your urologist, who would be able to ascertain the cause of kidney swelling as well as formation of stones. General diet advisable to stone patients is a balanced diet with normal proteins and low salt, and increased fluid intake. Diets avoiding calcium or oxalate intake should not be attempted, and may in fact be counterproductive. Do not follow the advice from quacks about dietary restrictions. In our country everybody is an expert on dietary recommendations without any scientific basis.


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