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Will small kidneys pose a problem in future?

Q: I am 50 years old. I got a testicular ultrasound done, and my kidneys were also checked. The results showed that the right kidney measures 15 cm and the left one measures only 9.5 cm with irregular cortical thinning and scarring. I have never had any damage or any problems related to kidneys. Can it be that I was born like this? My blood pressure is fine. I underwent a blood and urine test. The results showed a higher glucose and cholesterol level. Should I be worried about the results? Please suggest what future actions I should take.

A:Ultrasound finding of relatively small-sized left kidney compared to the right kidney usually has no significance unless one has an elevated serum creatinine level, an abnormal urine test (indicating increased protein in urine) or an uncontrolled blood pressure (inspite of being on multiple blood pressure lowering medications). To further study the significance of an abnormal kidney size, you may need a renal scan study, which helps to study the function of each kidney. Most commonly, history of long-standing kidney infection (pyelonephritis) or an obstruction at the outlet of the kidneys in the past may result in the atrophy of the affected kidney. Nevertheless, the focus should be on maintenance of normal blood pressure and managing elevated blood sugar (if you are diabetic).


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