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Will running affect my health in future?

Q: I am a 27 years old man who loves running and cycling a lot. Usually I prefer long run and rides of 10 km and even more at times. Will this affect my physical health in future, when I will become 50 or 60+ years old? Please suggest.

A:It seems that you like long distance running and cycling so just follow your passion. Take the necessary precautions like good shoes, with adequate cushioning and heel support. Preferably run on a soft surface so as to avoid wear and tear of the high impact on your joints. As for cycling, you could ensure that the back is well supported and not overly bent, the angle of the knees, not bent more than 90 percent at the joint and the road surface not bumpy to avoid injury to the back. If you are regular, when you get older, your body will just be accustomed to the exercise. So you need not worry if you keep it within reasonable limits, by not overdoing it and incorporate the above.


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