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Will removing kidney cysts help in its functioning?

Q: I am a 31 years old man having chronic kidney disease for the last 4 years. My creatinine is 2.0 mg/dl, urea is 50-53 mg/dl and uric acid level is 8.5 mg/dl; other parameters are normal. I am taking Cresar 20 mg. I have only 1 functional kidney (right one) but it has a cyst of 15 mm on its upper pole. Recently I underwent an abdominal ultrasound and came to know that there is another cyst of 7 mm in the medullary region. What is this region? Should I get the kidney cysts removed?

A:You may be having polycystic disease of the kidneys, which could be the cause of the renal failure. Your information is very scanty. If you have this disease, it runs in families. I am surprised that you have not discussed this with your doctor. This is a crucial question you should ask your doctor. Removal of cysts is not a treatment; rather understanding the cause of the cysts is the key to your future. Whether you have one kidney or two when the urea and creatinine are raised it means that whatever kidneys you have are diseased. One normal kidney will not raise your urea and creatinine.


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