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Will neutrophilic leukocytosis have any impact on pregnancy?

Q: I am 27 years old married women. My blood report states WBC-11.4, RBC-3.96, Hemoglobin-11.9 Hematocrit-34.3, MCV-86.5, Neutrophils-7.7, Lymphocytes-2.96, prolactin-29.12, TSH-2.29. The comment says I have a mild neutrophilic leukocytosis. what is this? Will it make me infertile? What are the chances of getting pregnant with these blood report?

A:Your complete blood count reveals mild neutrophilia, which can be in response to a large number of conditions ranging from exercise to infections or even cancer. It is important to know why you got the test done. If you are asymptomatic, please ignore it as no one treats an abnormal lab report. It will have no impact on your fertility. In case you are running fever or have an infection, please consult a doctor who can examine you and then advise appropriately.


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