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Will my single testis turn cancerous if not operated?

Q: I have only one testis on my right side. When I consulted my doctor he asked me to perform a scan to find out whether the other one is inside my abdomen but it couldn't be found in that scan. He is urging to do a laparoscopic surgery or else the testis, if it remains inside my abdomen, may turn cancerous. Please suggest whether surgery is required immediately and if I have only one testis what will be the effect of it? I am 28 years old.

A:Well! I would agree with your doctor and permit him to do a laparoscopic localisation and removal. Laparoscopy is the best way to locate a testis if it is there. I do not foresee any problem in its removal. At the age of 28 it is not doing any worthwhile function which your other normal testis can not do. It would be safer to get it removed as if any tumour develops in the abdominal testis we do not know about it for till it is too late. Be mentally prepared if your doctor is not able to find any testis on laparoscopy as there may not be any testis at all.


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