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Will my second child also be born with squint?

Q: My daughter is 5 years old. When she was 1 year old, squint was detected and surgery was done a year later. She has been wearing spectacles since then. I came to know that she inherited squint from her father (his grand mothers family). Now I am worried as we are planning for a second child next year. Is it possible to remove the incorrect genes? What precautions can be taken to have a healthy baby? My daughter's surgery did not correct her squint totally. The surgeon also said that he cannot beat nature. I feel very bad for her. Please recommend some exercises or any other solution to improve her vision?

A:You should not be unduly worried for the baby to be born for squint. For squint though inherited is not seen in all siblings, even identical twins may not have in 20 % cases. Secondly, if treated in time you can have it fully corrected and have the child's full binocular vision like any other child. Even your older child's vision can be further corrected by glasses or surgery as the case may be. You should consult a good Squint or Strabismus expert.


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