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Will my Rh negative wife have problem in the second pregnancy?

Q: I am B positive and my wife is A negative. Our first child was born four years back. As the hospital recorded the child to be O negative, they did not give any antibody injection. Now I have found that the child is O positive and my wife is 2 month pregnant. Please advise what precaution can be taken for the health of my second child and will an injection help at this stage?

A:The injection will not be of any help at this stage. Similarly there are no other drugs or interventions, which will be useful during the pregnancy. You should ensure that the pregnancy is followed up and the child is delivered under expert care, so that pathological jaundice (if it occurs) can be detected at the onset and appropriate remedial measures instituted. There is no need to be excessively worried since (if there have been no abortions earlier) in the second exposure after the first pregnancy, the disease, if it occurs, will not manifest in the severest form. There is also a possibility that the child may not have any problems at all, for example the child could also be having Rh negative blood group.


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