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Will I recover from hairy cell leukemia?

Q: I am a 43 years old male. I have been diagnosed with hairy cell leukaemia. I have undergone treatment and taken Injection Cladrim (50 mg) for five days and Injection Reditux (700 mg) for two days. I have also been given injection Neumax (300 mcg) once. The treatment is just over and the blood cell count is 1700. What is the chance of improvement and complete recovery and by when? What are the precautions to be taken during this phase? Is it safe to join office now?

A:The treatment of hairy cell leukemia is with Cldarbine . Single drug cladribine cure ~80-90% of patients. Those patient who relapse after Cladribine therapy, do response with second course of cladribine therapy. Pt who are refracory they can be treated with cladribine in combination with Rituximab. Most of patient redcover theri blood counts by 4-6 weeks and during this perid patient should keep precaution about infection (hand hygiene, contacts with patients with viral illness - flu and report to physician immediately in case ogf any bleeding signs).


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