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Will I get my hair lost due to chemotherapy back?

Q: I am 27 years old. About 6 months back I underwent two staged excision of a D8 dumbbell schwannoma i.e. intra spinal and para spinal excisions. However, I have been advised 3 cycles of chemotherapy with Etoposide, 2 cycles of which are over. But subsequent to the first cycle of chemotherapy, I have total hair loss on my head. I am worried. Can you please tell me when will I get normal hair growth? I have one more cycle of chemotherapy left due in first week of April. What other medicines I need to take for proper and normal hair growth as before?

A:Alopecia, mucositis and drop in the blood counts are few of the most common toxicities of chemotherapy as the chemotherapy drugs work on the rapidly dividing cells including the normal cells. However all these are completely reversible toxicities. The hair will grow once the CT is stopped and some times they can be better than the earlier hair.


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