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Will I get diabetes soon?

Q: I am 14 years old and kind of big for my age. The doctor said that if I don't stop eating a lot of junk then I will get diabetes. But what I wanted to ask you is that if I keep fainting does that show a sign of diabetes? Because I keep fainting and that when my mom took me to a clinic to get my blood checked. They said by my next birthday I will get diabetes. I have been fainting from time to time.

A:Frequent fainting spells should be enough reason to have you in hospital, getting a complete evaluation, not a single blood test in a clinic. If this is not a trick question, I am going to make the following assumptions: that your weight (180) is in pounds, your height (55) is in inches, and your parents are not short. If this is true, it implies that you are likely to have not yet reached your final height or started your periods, which at age 14 years 6 months is in itself a bit worrisome. You have also not mentioned what the blood sugar was in the clinic, or whether any other tests were done. You have said there is a family history of diabetes on both sides of the family. You have not mentioned: * if your parents are overweight, * if you do any exercise (walking, cycling, running, dancing, sports....) * if you have been trying dieting or vomiting. It is true that at 14.5 years you have a BMI of 43.3, based on the above assumptions, and are eating a lot of junk food, and perhaps trying to lose weight by missing on regular food, or vomiting after eating, then you do run the risk of fainting and getting diabetes because your blood sugars might be going up and down. You need to be in the care of a competent pediatric endocrinologist, who will do a proper evaluation.


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