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Will I be able to deliver a healthy baby?

Q: I am 24 weeks pregnant and the recent fetal anomaly scan has revealed the presence of unilateral left sided multicystic kidneys. I am very worried about this finding and want to know - will the baby survive through the pregnancy? What are the complications arising once the baby is born? Is there any cure for this condition or can this be treated surgically? What is the chance of the baby surviving and being healthy?

A:A multicystic kidney refers to an abnormality of the kidney when the filtration system of the kidney does not connect properly to the urine collecting system of the kidney. When the condition is unilateral, it means that only one kidney is involved and that the other is normal. This will not jeopardise the baby inside the mother’s womb. Even after birth, the condition is not likely to give any trouble even though only one kidney is functioning. Occasionally, the multicystic kidney may enlarge massively and need surgery shortly after birth. This is rare. The surgery, if required, is safe and efficient.


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