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Will gromets surgery cure hearing problems of my child?

Q: How safe is gromet microsurgery? Is it common in India and will this cause discomfort to my 8-year old child who has been advised to undergo this surgery. His audiogram report suggests 50% deficiency of hearing in both the ears. He has also been told to undergo another surgery for removal of adenoids at the same time, which according to the ENT is the reason due to which fluid has accumulated behind the ears, thereby causing hearing problems. Should I take a second opinion or should I go ahead with the operation? Will undergoing the above surgery, guarantee perfect audibility and stop further growth of adenoids?

A:If your 8-year-old has confirmed fluid behind the ears and reduced hearing as confirmed by audiometry and tympanometry (type B curves), and adenoids blocking more than 50% of the nasopharynx, as seen on x-ray, and this has persisted for more than 3 months then he needs gromets, with or without adenoids (as per results as mentioned above). Surgery for gromets is totally safe. The only slight possible complication after the surgery is of minor ear infections. Hearing will improve. Adenoids surgery mean that there is a minimal risk of bleeding. And the child needs to stay in overnight. Any general anaesthesia or surgery carry a risk of complication, the chances of which are similar to your getting hit by a truck when crossing the road.


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