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Will a urinary tract infection affect pregnancy?

Q: I have burning sensation while passing urine which disappears when I drink lots of water. Are there any chances of infection? I am perfectly fine otherwise. I want to try for a child. Should I undergo any test to rule out any problem? My husband also has the burning sensation while passing urine. He did a urine culture test, eight months ago, which showed negative results. Is it natural to have some bacteria in the urine? I suspect my husband has some sexually transmitted disease. I never had these symptoms before marriage. There is no discharge. Does diabetes in males effect the quality of sperms? Will these symptoms affect child birth?

A:These symptoms are suggestive of urinary tract infection (UTI). Sometimes urine culture is negative if the organisms are from atypical family. My suggestion is that both of you should get a routine urine exam done. In case the number of pus cells is >4/HPF then get urine culture done. In case positive, take medications according to the culture report otherwise take Azithromycin 500 mg one tablet daily for three days (both you and your husband). If there is chronic persistent infection that can affect the outcome of pregnancy. Diabetes mellitus does not affect quality of sperms.


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