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Will a third sinus surgery solve my problem?

Q: I have had two sinus surgeries to clear up sinus infections. The last one was performed 7 months back; 8 weeks later a CT Scan indicated that my sinuses were worse then what they were before. I have had a chronic wheezing cough for almost a year. The lungs are clear, the pulmonary function test is fine and the X-rays are also clear. I have been on Xolair for 5 months. This was basically done to clear up the allergies that were suppose to be causing the problem both with the sinuses and the lungs. But the coughing has got worse. The doctors have recommended another surgery for sinus. Please tell me if a third surgery is actually needed. Will I get better after it?

A:The fact that you have already had two sinus operations may suggest that your problem may require something apart from sinus surgery. I see that you have multiple allergies - and this may be the cause of the problem. Allergy treatment requires prolonged use of medication in the form of antilallergic tablets as well as nasal sprays. Provided the previous operations have opened up the sinuses, it is unlikely that further surgery would help. The exception is nasal polyps which form as a result of allergies. One often require repeated operations to remove them as new ones keep forming, if the allergy is not controlled.


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