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Why is there a huge disparity in my son's IQ tests scores?

Q: My 10 year old son had an IQ test done last year and he scored 105. However, he scored only 69 in the test done last month? What can be the reason for such a huge disparity in my son's IQ tests scores? Doctors think that he doesn't need an MRI. Please advise.

A:Tests on children that claim to be giving an IQ score are notoriously bad. So much depends on which test and under what conditions it was given. In the case of your son, it is impossible that both the readings (105 and 69) are correct. One of them or both, could be wrong. IQ does not come down 30 points in one year, if the same type of test is used. What you need to do is to let the child continue in the school and at a later point, try and find a place which has smaller numbers of children in a class and some attention(more than in the average school) is given to your child. MRI will be able to detect a growth or some abnormality in the physical structure, but will not help with IQ assessment. It is possible that your child is a little slow in learning, but there are many methods of teaching children who need more time. Since you have not asked me a specific question, my advice is general.


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