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Why is the hole at the tip of the penis getting smaller?

Q: For the last 6 months, the tip of my penis is turning white and the hole getting smaller. The white portion of the penis starts to itch a lot. The skin of the penis also does not move back. If I force to move it back it pains a lot. I do not have multiple sexual partners. I have sex only with my wife and that too not frequently. We have oral sex but she has never till date touched my penis. Please advise as to how I can reduce the itching. If you think I have to show to a doctor locally, please advise whom to consult.

A:You seem to be having something called balanitis xerotica obliterans. This is a self limiting disease and will stop at some point. But it may cause lot of problems by closing the hole where you pass urine from. See some skin specialist and get some steroid ointment for few weeks. BUT before that you must get yourself checked for diabetes. This may simply be a result of diabetes and antifungal creams might work. This may require removal of the skin and widening the hole surgically - circumcision and meatoplasy. See a urologist also for this.


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